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Intoleran lactase supplements

In case of lactose intolerance, it is possible to take supplements with the lactase enzyme, which improve the digestion of lactose. If you use these tablets, it is possible to take a product containing lactose. Depending on the degree of intolerance and the milk product, you can take 1 to 3 pills of lactase supplements. These supplements are taken at the same time as the milk product.

We make all our products ourselves in the Netherlands. Here, we still do a lot of handiwork, to be able to make the products as pure as possible. For our lactase capsules, for example, we only use the filler calcium carbonate in addition to the lactase enzyme. The capsules themselves are made of HPMC (cellulose), which also makes them suitable for vegetarians. Our lactase capsules and tablets are filled with the enzyme lactase (tablets: 2500 FCC and breaking tablets: 20,000 FCC, capsules: 3000 FCC and 10,000 FCC), this is a very active and stable enzyme.

Depending on the degree of lactose intolerance and the quantity of milk product to be consumed, take approximately 1-3 lactase tablets or capsules at the same time as the milk product. 

Do you have difficulty swallowing capsules? The capsules can be opened by twisting the ends. The powder can then be taken with water or sprinkled on food.

Lactase capsules and tablets temporarily make up for the lack of the body’s own enzyme, lactase. As a result, lactase from food is digested in the intestines and you will experience fewer or no symptoms.

Our lactase capsules and tablets are also suitable for children. If they cannot yet swallow the capsules properly, we recommend that they open them and take the contents with water or sprinkle them on food.

  • Lactase 3000, 10,000 and 20,000 are packaged in a handy and easy-to-carry tin. 
  • Lactase 2500 is packaged in a convenient dispenser.
  • Our lactase products are soya and gluten free
  • We recommend storing the products in a dry place and at room temperature.
  • The shelf life of our lactase capsules and tablets is three years, after this period the FCC value decreases by 5% per year.

There is no data on the use of lactase supplements during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it is a good idea to consult a doctor if you want to use lactase supplements. A doctor has the medical knowledge to give you good advice.

If you are diabetic, it is a good idea to consult your diabetes nurse or doctor. By using lactase tablets, the lactose will convert itself (normally) into glucose, among other things. Glucose has a direct influence on your blood sugar level.

our lactase supplements

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