lactase drops

how to use the lactase drops?

You add the lactase drops to the milk product. Shake well so that the lactase drops are distributed in the milk. Afterwards, place the mixture in the fridge and after 24 hours, the lactose will have been digested for at least 80%.

Do you want even less lactose in your milk product? Then use more drops and/or let the milk stand longer before use. You can use the treated milk just as you would otherwise. You can drink it directly or use it to cook or bake.

In the overview below you will find more dairy products to which the drops can be added.

how do the drops work?

Our lactase drops contain the enzyme lactase, this enzyme ensures that after 24 hours there is 80% less lactase in your milk products. The lactase drops are harvested from the Klyveromyces lactis yeast. Therefore the lactase drops are not usable in acidic environments like the stomach and acidic milk products like yoghurt, quark and buttermilk.

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lactose-free cooking or baking?

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