xylose isomerase

the enzyme xylose isomerase

Xylose Isomerase is an enzyme that can be used to convert fructose into glucose. Normally, fructose is “passed” from the small intestine through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and then broken down in the liver. In people with fructose intolerance this “passing” is not possible due to a problem with the gate GLUT-5 in the intestinal wall.

As a result, the fructose passes with the rest of the food into the large intestine. Because the large intestine has no way of digesting fructose, it undergoes what is known as anaerobic digestion, in which the fructose is fermented. This process releases a lot of gas and acid. These are the causes of the well-known problems in fructose intolerance.

Using Xylose isomerase, fructose will be converted to glucose already in the small intestine and glucose will be digested and resorbed.

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